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The left doesn’t learn: leave Folau alone

The left is doing everything it can to destroy its case against Israel Folau.

Here’s an idea clowns …  just leave him alone. Every bit of publicity you give him helps his cause. At this rate, he won’t have a court case against Rugby Australia, he’ll just buy them outright:

The national charities watchdog has fielded complaints over the Australian Christian Lobby’s decision to host Israel Folau’s fundraising efforts for his legal battle against Rugby Australia.

The former Wallaby’s GoFundMe page was taken down this week for breaching the platform’s terms of service.

The Australian Christian Lobby’s fundraising drive stands at almost $1.8m on Wednesday afternoon but it says it has not breached federal laws governing charity operations.

These people are idiots.

Gotta admit, didn’t see this coming

Gillian Triggs is going to lose friends over these comments.

It’s well worth watching.

John Setka hit with a wet lettuce

The courts are a joke. We all know it. This is further proof:

John Setka’s wife Emma Walters has revealed that she is the woman at the centre of harassment charges which her husband pleaded guilty to today, and has supported him as remaining head of the CFMEU in Victoria.

Ms Walters spoke to media outside Melbourne Magistrates court today and issued a joint statement with her husband, who had moments earlier been ordered to participate in a “behavioural change” program and pay $1000 to an Aboriginal legal service after pleading guilty to harassing a woman using a carriage service and breaching a court order.

In court Magistrate Belinda Wallington said the language of the texts sent by Sekta — which described a woman as a “f..king dog” and a “c..t” — was nasty and misogynistic.

Um … yes.

Pyne feeds at the trough

It is wrong that this occurs but until we do something about it, we probably should be neither surprised nor appalled:

Former defence minister Christopher Pyne is under fire for taking a role at big four advisory firm EY that will see him consult to companies in the defence sector.

Despite the lion’s share of the defence sector stemming from federal procurement, EY said the former minister, who retired from politics at the election, would not be lobbying or meeting with MPs or the Defence Department.

This is what happens when we don’t pay attention

It’s cynical to think this decision was rushed under the cover of the Folau saga but it might be right on the money:

One of Victoria’s biggest coal-fired power stations could close within six years as Victoria’s radical, go-it-alone bid to slash carbon emissions and ramp up renewables hastens its demise.

There are growing fears within the Latrobe Valley community, unions and industry that the Yallourn power station may shut well before its slated closure in 2032, placing increased pressure on the energy grid, prices, and leaving more than 500 people at the plant unemployed.

It is warned a further 500 jobs could go from small businesses across the surrounding region.

Oh, yeah … and it will make power more expensive and less reliable. There’s also that.

And this is what capital punishment is for

This is pure evil. Pure. Evil.

A woman whose lies put a man behind bars for two weeks, and cost him his job and marriage, has had her sentencing delayed after penning an apology letter to her victim.

Caitlyn Gray, 20, falsely accused Good Samaritan Kenan Basic of indecent assault after he spent hours helping to get her car back on the road.

Read it all.