‘Crooked, corrupt’: Explosive private text messages leaked as Labor scandal escalates

‘F**k the premier’: Labor’s secret tapes reveal industrial scale stackathon

Concerns Victorian Labor may be using a small African community to stack votes (2018)

Where Jenny Macklin names the major branch stacker working with Sonyurek:

The woke won’t learn

If you went through an old clip of Daryl Somers to find his beautiful tribute to Ricky May so you could find omers in blackface and be a whinging snowflake butthole, you’re a piece of crap.

It might have been taken down by now, but it’s a shame. That would be a shame. Ricky May was a much-loved star in the 1980s. His death was a terrible shock, such was the affection for him.

Somers will likely suffer.

But what about this?

We know a lot about COVID-19

The problem is that a lot of it is also contradictory. So how much do we really know?

There’s a lesson in this vigilantism

Paul McCartney (b 1942)

The dullest of all The Beatles. Yaaaaaaawn.

This critique by Lennon – the famous ‘How do you sleep?’- is pretty spectacular. Love that Harrison is also playing. Points lost for the can of Dr Pepper.

Ray LaMontagne (b 1973)

At 47, LaMontagne is probably the youngest person highlighted at The Breakdown. He must be good!