We’re baaaaaaaaack!

Welcome to 2020.

Yes, it’s a bit late but what’s important is the alarm is reset for 4:30 am and The Breakdown is back.

So … what’d we miss?

Remarkably, not that much has changed. Sure the fires raged out of control for three months and the world is in lockdown, but remarkably, so much has remained the same.

Our former Race Discrimination Commissioner is still trying to foster racial division wherever he can.

Tim Soutphommasane is of the school that says “the grass is green, my car is green, therefore it’s racist”. Or grass. Raaaaacist grass!

Thank God he’s no longer at the Human Rights Commission. You’ll never guess where he is now … Oh … you guessed “academia”.

Lucky guess.

In 2019, he was appointed Professor of Practice in Sociology and Political Theory at the University of Sydney to teach human rights related theory.

Lord help us.

Tim’s trick is the same being played by Jenny Leong, a NSW Greens MP.

Let’s see if there’s a difference between people home from china and people now entering the country …

  1. When Christmas Island was being used, so were hotels. This was the safest and easiest option.
  2. We didn’t understand the virus as much as we do now.
  3. A few weeks ago, China was the eipcentre of the entire crisis.

You have to wonder whether her loyalty is to Australia and Australians or leftist grievance politics.

Do you notice that so many Greens MPs hate the country that is either giving them a bloody good taxpayer-funded job or has given them sanctuary? Or both.

Here’s Kooky Faruqi.

Actually. She’s right. This is from The Guardian:

It has been well-publicised that Covid-19 discriminates by age and by underlying health conditions.

But it has become increasingly apparent that it also discriminates by sex, with men more likely to test positive and more likely to die from the disease.

The trend was first seen in China, where one analysis found a fatality rate of 2.8% in men compared with 1.7% in women.

Since then, the pattern has been mirrored in France, Germany, Iran, Italy, South Korea and Spain.

In Italy, men have accounted for 71% of deaths and, in Spain, data released on Thursday suggests twice as many men as women have died.

She’s an idiot.

Speaking of Greens and their idiot ideas …

Have you cleaned your bags yet?

Check out the bottom of your reusable plastic bags. You’ll notice this little gem.

Disinfect your bags

Bet you haven’t done this. EVER.

Isn’t it great that we got rid of those nice clean plastic bags that you could easily use around the home instead of the reusable bags that get become vectors for disease?

Feel safer?

Maybe that’s why some US states are reversing their reusable bag decision in favour of safer options:

States that introduced “green” regulations that taxed single-use plastic grocery bags in an effort to eventually annihilate them are now welcoming them back as health officials caution of possible contamination with reusable bags.

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (D) said Thursday he was suspending the ten-cent tax on single-use plastic bags at grocery stores and other retail businesses as one of his actions “to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.”

“The latter move is to curb the use of personal bags that could bring the virus into a store,” reported the Journal Inquirer.

Neighboring Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) banned reusable bags in stores this week and lifted bans on plastic bags as well “as part of his administration’s latest steps to limit the spread of the coronavirus,” reported the Boston Business Journal.

“Baker announced Wednesday that stores cannot charge for either paper or plastic bags, which in some communities have previously cost 5 cents per bag,” noted the report.

Speaking of the environment …

Did you remember Earth Hour?

The beauty of coronavirus is that it has focussed world attention on what truly matters. Like: how do you wipe your bum?

Because of that, frivolities have fallen to the wayside, mainly because they no longer matter. In fact, they’re largely the domain if the feckless. Which is why they’re so beloved by the clowns at The Age and the SMH, which is also the prime sponsor of Earth Hour.

Which happened to have been on Saturday night (28 March).

Despite coronavirus restrictions, Earth Hour has taken place across the world, starting from New Zealand, followed by Fiji and Australia, with lights switched off on famous buildings and regular homes to boost awareness of climate change.

The fact no one paid attention is a sign – yet another – that environmentalism is a fad for when you have nothing else to worry about. It’s a rich-person’s worry.

This is the best part of the story and really shows that these people are monumentally stupid:

Coincidentally, lockdowns across the globe have led to a reduction in pollution.

Yeah … not a coincidence. Turns out that humans living good lives = pollution.

Photos and videos were shared on social media, but the buzz was somewhat dampened by the coronavirus pandemic-ensued lockdowns.

That’d be because people had more important things to do. Like not dying.


Some people are doing it tough

Like restauranteurs. This one’s in New York:

Joe Germanotta has shut down a GoFundMe page attempting to raise $50,000 to support his restaurant staff’s wages.

Germanotta got backlash online after he launched the crowdfunding campaign in response to being forced to layoff almost 30 employees at Joanne Trattoria this month. The restaurant was required to shut down to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

‘I’m doing the best I can but we had to close Joanne for the month. Our staff needs some help financial. Any help for our employees will be appreciated,’ Germanotta wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

The first line was edited. Here’s the original line:

Lady Gaga‘s father Joe Germanotta has shut down a GoFundMe page attempting to raise $50,000 to support his restaurant staff’s wages.

His daughter is estimated to be worth almost US$300 million.

Seriously, these people need a tap on the head. With a brick.