Oh goody, it’s January, so that means we have to talk about Margaret Court.

In the year when the talk should be talking about our elevated COVID-19 risk because the Victorian Government wanted to host a grand slam tennis match and was petrified it would lose the event to China (which is desperate for the Asian grand slam event), we are instead talking about Margaret Court as we do every January.

Sometimes t’s in relation to her tennis … she won 24 grand slams back in the day when three women played tennis.  But with every report mentioning Court, the journalist must earnestly look into the camera, drop their voice to ‘serious tone’ and say a variation of “Margaret courts controversy with her homophobic views …” you know the rest.

The media is totally to blame for this.

You see, Margaret Court has some views about gays which are not ‘modern’ but can be easily defended as being an interpretation of the Old Testament. You don’t like that excuse, fine.

How about this? She’s 356 years old, she doesn’t like gay people. Some people do. Some people don’t. You won’t change her mind. Just shut up about her.

When the media gives her oxygen, they are also giving oxygen to the hurt that the media says she is doing. If the media said nothing, there would be less hurt.

But there would also be less to report. So you can see their conundrum – the media needs the controversy.

The blue-checks on Twitter also love this as they get to show their virtue. And there are few virtue signallers more obnoxious than Fr Rod Bower.

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Sure enough, Fr Rod had to get in on the act.

Which is an interesting stance for Fr Bower to take.

You see, as many pointed out on Twitter, Fr Bower lacks a certain consistency when it comes to some religions and homosexuality.

You’ll never guess which one … oh … you guessed already?

And here is Fr Rod’s explanation:

The Gosford Anglican Church priest, famous for posting progressive slogans in support of marriage equality, asylum-seekers and other vulnerable groups on his church billboard, said it was necessary to “have deep affections” for people with whom you disagree.

Unless they happen to be, you know, Margaret Court.

The reason this is in the news is because Margaret Court’s Australia day honour is being upgraded to AC.

This gave Clara Tuck Meng Soo, a transgender woman and LGBTIQ advocate, the willies (couldn’t resist).

Dr Soo, who was one of the first GPs to undergo gender transition in Australia, received an Order of Australia medal in 2016.

In a letter to the Governor-General, she said she could not be seen to support the 24-time grand slam winner, who is being recognised for her tennis achievements but has controversial comments on homosexuality, conversion therapy, same-sex marriage and transgender people.

Ah, let’s look at that last one. Transgender.

Here are some (but probably not all) the comments attributed to Margaret Court on transgender issues.

In December 2019 she told her congregation:

“Because we are living in a season … even that LGBT and the schools – it’s of the devil, it’s not of God,” Court told her congregation.

“And when children are making the decision at seven or eight years of age to change their sex … no, just read the first two chapters of Genesis, that’s all I say. Male and female.

The problem here is that we don’t know what the elipses are hiding. Surely we could agree that in many cases it is not optimal for a child of that age to make te decision to change genders, and then have it enacted by medical authorities?

“It’s so wrong at that age because a lot of things are planted in this thought realm at that age. And they start to question ‘What am I?’ and if you are a Christian… you believe the word of God, this is our TV guide to life…

“And you know with that LGBT, they’ll wish they never put the T on the end of it because, particularly in women’s sports, they’re going to have so many problems.

That last one is of particular interest. Hold that thought for a moment, you see, she is constantly criticised on this issue by Martina Navratilova, which has been openly gay for decades.

But you might remember this from January 2020, the last time we were talking about Margaret Court, via the SMH:

Navratilova, a vocal activist for LGBT rights for decades who came out in 1981, had previously said that while she was wholeheartedly supportive of “pro-trans people or any part of the spectrum”, transgender women competing in women’s sport was “insane” and “cheating”.

“It’s insane and it’s cheating. I am happy to address a transgender woman in whatever form she prefers, but I would not be happy to compete against her. It would not be fair,” Navratilova wrote in the Sunday Times in an opinion article in February 2019.

Of course, the mob then came for Navratilova, which is insane. She was right!

Men competing against women will see the death of women’s sport, as this analysis from Duke Law found:

If you know sport, you know this beyond a reasonable doubt: there is an average 10-12% performance gap between elite males and elite females.  The gap is smaller between elite females and non-elite males, but it’s still insurmountable and that’s ultimately what matters.  Translating these statistics into real world results, we see, for example, that:

Just in the single year 2017, Olympic, World, and U.S. Champion Tori Bowie’s 100 meters lifetime best of 10.78 was beaten 15,000 times by men and boys.  (Yes, that’s the right number of zeros.)

The same is true of Olympic, World, and U.S.  Champion Allyson Felix’s 400 meters lifetime best of 49.26.  Just in the single year 2017, men and boys around the world outperformed her more than 15,000 times.

And in case you think that a giant tennis like the Williams sisters in their prime could compete against men, well, no. That’s been tested:

At the height of the Williams boom in 1998, an unofficial game took place in Australia after Serena and Venus claimed that no male player outside the top 200 could beat them.

Up stepped a German known as Karsten Braasch who was ranked 203rd in the world and after first beating Serena 6-1, he then disposed of Venus 6-2.

“I didn’t know it would be that difficult. I played shots that would have been winners on the women’s circuit and he got to them very easily,” said Serena.

“They wouldn’t have had a chance against anyone inside the top 500 because today I played like someone ranked 600th to keep it fun,” was Braasch’s assessment.

Here’s the truth: men and women and different, and some people don’t like other people. But in the case of Margaret Court, she is very old, and she will be with Jesus soon.