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It took a while, but the ALP and the ACTU have finally hit back against CFMMEU thug John Setka:

The ACTU secretary, Sally McManus, has demanded John Setka apologise for comments he is reported to have made criticising anti-domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty, adding pressure on the high-profile union official to resign.

The leader of the union movement directly addressed the controversy surrounding Setka for the first time on Monday afternoon, as the ACTU and Labor faced pressure over a response one anti-domestic violence campaigner labelled “pathetic”.

Setka, the Victorian secretary of the CFMMEU, has claimed he was “taken out of context” following an Age story that reported he told a union meeting Batty’s advocacy had led to men having fewer rights. He told the paper he had not criticised Batty and had great respect for her. Setka could not be reached for comment.

So he’s not in trouble for decades of thuggery, he’s in trouble for saying bad things about Rosie Batty. Albo makes that very clear in this video.

Or this shorter version:


Setka hits back (so to speak)

This is unexpected:

CFMMEU leader John Setka and his wife Emma Walters have broken their silence, accusing critics of “dirty ALP politics” amid moves by leader Anthony Albanese to expel him from the Labor Party. 

The defiant union leader has also warned the construction, forestry, maritime, mining and energy union that he will not stand down – because he was elected by members. 

Mr Albanese said on Tuesday he would move to have Mr Setka expelled, following reports in Nine newspapers that he had said Australian men had fewer rights in family violence matters because of Rosie Batty, whose son Luke was murdered by his father in 2014. 

“People are making up lies about what I said. Every time I see Rosie Batty I want to give her a hug,” Mr Setka told The New Daily

“I would rather be called corrupt. It’s not even an exaggeration of what I said. It’s an outright lie.

“I’ve got people portraying me as a Neanderthal.

“This is dirty politics and this is wrong. I’ve got the utmost respect for Rosie Batty. It’s sickening to me. Albo wants to expel me for that? Please.”

Climate loons are hilarious

Take it on trust – this story is worth reading.

The other day, as I boarded a budget airline plane to attend a conference in Spain, I was overcome with a feeling I’ve come to recognise: carbon-footprint guilt. As a PhD student, this would be my first international conference, an exciting chance to meet fellow researchers in my field – feminism and gender studies – and discuss topics we care about. But as I sat chatting casually with other academics headed the same way, I couldn’t help but worry about how my short trip would harm the environment.

My booking confirmation showed the figures: the outbound flight would release 178kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the return another 168kg. Short flights add up quickly, and airlines such as Ryanair are now ranked among Europe’s top polluters. Off-setting emissions is reasonable, but it’s really just a way of covering our backs.

It gets even better.

Is this congresswoman asking for a bribe?

The left laughs at Pauline and loves this clown

He speaks Fench as well as gibberish.