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The extra bits

BECAUSE IT BEATS STUDYING, DER: ‘We need to nip it in the bud’: uni students admit they cheat.

AN ACADEMIC ACCUSES MORRISON OF LIVING IN A BUBBLE: Morrison’s narrow view of the world to be tested next election.

Seven Questions Explained about France’s Yellow Vest Protests.

Scott Sumner exposes the danger of confusing a society or an economy with the government that rules that society or economy. A slice:

I worry that the media tends to shrink vast regions, teeming with populations beyond human comprehension, down to a sort of anthropomorphized caricature—“The US”, “Japan”, “China”, etc.  Then our foreign policy responds as if we were dealing with a single person, not a whole world of people.  “What should we do with that bad guy?”  No, it’s not that bad guy, it’s a bad guy named Xi Jinping and 1.4 billion other people, as many as the entire world had in 1870.

The bits you’ll actually read

KARL GETS BONED ON HIS HONEYMOON: Karl Stefanovic ‘steps off’ troubled Today program (SMH; The Guardian).