Taylor is toast

Weren’t we told China hated coal?

Maybe it’s about time someone told the Chinese:

China is expanding its coal power infrastructure despite pledges to curb carbon emissions.

Analysis reveals that the amount allocated to large infrastructure projects by Beijing has doubled this year, with airports and high-speed rail lines among 21 schemes allocated a total of £83.9 billion.

Included in the new allocations is funding for 17 new coal mines across China, despite Beijing’s pledges to reduce reliance on the power source.

Seven mines were approved last year and, between 2017 and 2018, China added 194 million tonnes of coal mining capacity with the total number of mines reaching more than 3,000.

China, the world’s biggest coal consumer, has vowed to cap carbon emissions by 2030, although it has stopped short of the “net zero” emissions target by 2050…

Australia is a top 3 thermal coal exporter. Australia’s export volumes are forecast to grow from 210 million tonnes in 2018–19 to 214 million tonnes in 2020–21, reflecting modest production growth from new capacity and expansions, a recovery from recent disruptions, and productivity improvements.

Still shy of the NEW coal China will be digging up.

Maybe it’s time someone had a word to the Kiwis as well because they don’t seem too serious about climate change either. Which is odd because they sure talk a big game:

New Zealand farmers won’t have to enter the country’s emissions trading scheme until 2025 and will then get a discounted rate of 95 per cent under a climate change deal struck with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Ms Ardern announced the “historic consensus” on Thursday morning in Wellington, gathering with primary sector groups to reveal the deal. However environmentalists shunned the meeting, panning the agreement as too slow, and a climate sell-out.

That’s one way to put it.

More climate hypocrites

Celebrities really are the worst. Steve Coogan has joined Extinction Rebellion in the UK:

“I have always been environmentally aware and environmentally conscious. I just do not want to stand on the sidelines and not participate. It’s easy to sit and not do anything,” he continued.

Some members of the media have criticised high-profile supporters of climate activism for environmentally damaging behaviours, such as long and frequent flights or, in the case of Coogan, owning a series of expensive cars.

The self-confessed petrolhead once admitted of the price of one of his new Ferraris, “it would have been cheaper to make all the journeys I made in it by hiring light aircraft.”

Oh, do bugger off.

Poor Joe has no idea

He was Obama’s VP when Obama promised Medvedev “flexibility”.

Poor Joe is sad to watch. Can someone get his juice in the sippy cup and let him have a good rest. He need it.

Maybe Old Joe doesn’t remember.

If only we had evidence of that. Oh, wait.

Here it is:

Roger Miller (d 1992)


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