Lawyer-ghouls see big bucks in robodebt

Bill Shorten (remember him?) yesterday announced a court challenge to the legal validity of robodebt.

It seems hard to understand how the government pursuing the return of money that that should not have been paid is illegal.

It sounds kind of like a good idea.

The difference between what Bill Shorten and Tanya Plibersek proposed and enacted in 2011 and what the government initiated in 2016 is that it’s being done cheaper today.

If people fail to come to an arrangement to settle their debts, the Government has a responsibility to taxpayers to recover that money.’

Tanya Plibersek, Media Release, 29 June 2011

‘The automation of this process will free up resources and result in more people being referred to the tax garnishee process, retrieving more outstanding debt on behalf of taxpayers.’

Bill Shorten, Media Release, 29 June 2011

‘It is important that the Government explores different means of debt recovery to ensure that those who have received more money than they are entitled to repay their debt.’

Chris Bowen, Media Release, 15 June 2010

‘I think most people would expect that we have a rigorous checking system, and covert surveillance is one of our, as I say, one of the weapons in our armoury. We have data matching, where we check our records against the Tax Office’s records to make sure that it all adds up and there’s not people who are paying tax on a job who are also claiming welfare.’

Chris Bowen, Interview with Stuart Bocking, 7 April 2010

‘We want to make sure that people aren’t receiving welfare to which they’re not entitled to. And no one gets a leave pass on that.’

Bill Shorten, doorstop interview, Redcliffe hospital, 9 May 2019

No one has said that overpaid monies should not be paid back, but there have been massive issues with the process. And while the automation process may have been hatched under Labor, it was implemented and carried out by the Coalition.

Minister for Human Services Stuart Robert isn’t the most well-respected minister in the Morrison Government, but this performance defending robodebt was pretty good.

To the ABC, this story is a miracle

The story: A man and woman were married. The woman became pregnant. During the second trimester, the father began his transition to become a woman.

The ABC’s headline:

Modern family: The naturally conceived Canberra baby with DNA from both of his mothers

The lie:

The Sutherlands said there were times during the pregnancy, before they changed hospitals, when some medical staff seemed judgmental and “hung up” on Bailey having two biological mothers.

Can someone give them the bad news? That he’s not a biological woman. And can someone then tell the ABC?