Climate strike

From one of the greatest carbon emitters of all time:

The Dalai Lama says we should listen to scientists. That’s an interesting position for a religious leader to hold.

Funny, this wasn’t in the brochure about renewables

The problem with renewables is that its proponents seem to think that when you say something is ‘green’ or ‘renewable’, that the rules of economics no longer apply.

Not true.

And more than that, the solar panels and the wind turbines are definitely not renewable. And in that regard, the laws of economics most definitely apply:

In 2017, the World Bank released a little-noticed report that offered the first comprehensive look at this question. It models the increase in material extraction that would be required to build enough solar and wind utilities to produce an annual output of about 7 terawatts of electricity by 2050. That’s enough to power roughly half of the global economy. By doubling the World Bank figures, we can estimate what it will take to get all the way to zero emissions—and the results are staggering: 34 million metric tons of copper, 40 million tons of lead, 50 million tons of zinc, 162 million tons of aluminum, and no less than 4.8 billion tons of iron.

Just on neodymium:

More than 80 percent of the world’s neodymium is produced there. In 2017 alone, China mined 105,000 metric tons of rare earth metals, while the U.S. has only produced about 43,000 metric tons in the last 20 years combined.

The risks involved in relying so significantly on a single source for such a valuable commodity were illustrated during a trade dispute between China and Japan in 2010. The price per metric ton jumped from $50,000 in 2010 to $250,000 in 2011, Klinger said.

While the price has since come back down, concerns remain. Toyota, for example, recently developed a new neodymium-reduced magnet, citing concerns about neodymium shortages.

Is he really gay?

So wrap your heads around this, sports fans … a gay man whose partner is transgender male (ie, born a woman) is now a father. Which means he had vaginal intercourse.

Hate to break it to you, champ, but you may not be as gay as you thought you were.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Read it all. You might be able to figure it out.