Today on The Breakdown we examine how social media protects their special friends – in this case Rachel Levine – no matter how awful they are at their jobs and no matter how many people die, and how they silence anyone who even has the temerity to tell the truth.

Craig Kelly

Craig Kelly is a colossal dumbarse. But say what you like, at like, at least he has some courage which is in alarmingly short supply these days.

He is also doing something right.

On election night 2019, Kelly summed up the challenge he faced: “We weren’t taking on the Labor Party,” Mr Kelly told supporters who gathered at Woronora River RSL Club.

“We were taking on Labor, Greens and GetUp.

“We had three teams against us and we smashed them all.”

His two-party preferred vote was about 60 per cent.

“To put that in context, when I first ran for this seat the margin was 0.5 per cent,” he said.

But his popularity – which is unlikely to travel – isn’t why Labor is going after him. It’s a continuation of Labor’s tactic to link Scott Morrison to Trump and the 6 January riots in Washington, which is why they sought to get him to distance himself from them and condemn Trump.