Could Scott Morrison actually win in 2019?

Newspoll says there’s a chance! 

The geniuses at Studio 10 try to have a debate

Are you shocked that a debate about Australia Day on Studio 10 deteriorated so fast? With such talent on hand to dissect such a delicate issue?

Silly question. Here’s the exchange.

Three elements stand out from this exchange:

  1. Yumi uses the racist claim to stifle KAK.
  2. KAK is dumbfounded and has nothing in response but being “offended”.
  3. Yumi doesn’t address the issue, but changes the topic to discuss rape and violence against white women. This is how the topic gets swept away.

Here are the facts:

Aboriginal women here are 37 times more likely to be hospitalised than non-Aboriginal women for non-fatal family violence-related assaults. In the Northern Territory the rate of hospitalisation is up to 86 times higher for Aboriginal women. In central Australia, this figure is 95 times more likely for Aboriginal women.

You can play the what-aboutism game but as you’re going so, women are dying.

That said … There’s a lot to breakdown on this topic and most have done so already. There’s only one concern people should have. When Bill Leak published this cartoon he was hauled before the Australian Human Rights Commission.

The question that remains unanswered at this time, is will KAK be forced to explain herself before Australia’s Star Chamber.

Interesting to note, the point made by KAK was made by Brooke Boney on the Today show on 17 January:

Does Stynes think Boney is racist?

High tax does not mean we get high growth (well, der!)

AOC has proposed a tax rate of 70 per cent.

At Davos, Michael Dell was asked whether this was a good idea.

This was his answer, and the response of an economics professor from MIT.

Of course, the left is jumping on this exchange.

This is an issue in the US and it will become an issue here. Prepare yourself with some facts first.

Dell should have answered the question differently.