More Australian towns declare a climate emergency

According to SBS:

Close to three million Australians are living in a declared “climate emergency”, as more local councils take a stand and demand urgent action.

But the federal environment minister thinks councils should stick to collecting the bins.

About five per cent, or 28, of the nation’s 537 local councils have called for urgent climate action, with some planning to move their chambers to 100 per cent renewable energy.

In other words, is your council run by idiots.

The mob keeping count of the councils is Climate Emergency Declaration Australia:

In Australia, where the climate emergency declaration mobilisation and petition was launched in May 2016, 27 jurisdictions representing roughly 2.8 million people and 11 per cent of the population have declared a climate emergency: 12 in New South Wales, 6 in Victoria, 3 in Western Australia, 3 in South Australia, 2 in Tasmania, and the government of the Australian Capital Territory. More than 100 candidates in the 18 May 2019 federal election had signed the Climate Emergency Declaration petition.

Oh, yeah. We started this mess.

And this is the model they wish climate emergency legislation would look like:

“This model Act provides the Australian Government with the legal powers and planning machinery needed to restructure the economy and mobilise resources in order to prevent or limit a general climate and ocean acidification crisis and to urgently restore a safe climate and safe ocean pH,” writes Philip Sutton in the introduction to the model Act.

“When a Climate Emergency (Restructuring & Mobilisation) Declaration is made, this action switches on emergency mode for the national government by making climate emergency action equal top priority for all government departments and agencies.

The Act establishes:

(a) the Safe Climate Framework Commission to carry out assessments and make determinations and elaborate the goals and provide targets and metrics to drive action under the Act

(b) the arrangements for specifying Safe Climate Framework Factors which shape strategic planning under the Act

(c) the Climate Emergency Restructuring Authority to carry out most of the strategic planning under the Act, and to drive implementation action

(d) the arrangements for determining the agencies that will carry out the remainder of the strategic planning.”

George Calombaris should be in jail

The Fairfax papers say:

Celebrity chef George Calombaris has been slapped with a substantial fine after admitting to underpaying $7.83 million in wages to 515 current and former employees of his hospitality empire as part of an unprecedented deal with the Fair Work Ombudsman.


That’s not substantial. That’s piddling. Send him to jail.