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Trump takes every cue from the Reagan playbook

What your tax cut is worth

ScoMo sent out this tax calculator last night moments after the tax cuts were passed.

Work out how much more of your money you’re allowed to keep.

And meet the man who wants you to pay more tax, and whose every sentence about the ScoMo tax cuts was a lie:

More money is going into health and education, and if Di Natale wants a world-class, modern power system, he should get on board with high-efficiency, low-emission (HELE) coal. Not much chance of that.

Jane is a bit behind the times

The Db covered this story more than a week ago when Peter FitzSimons tweeted it.

Steggall may wnat to join the Liberal party, but the Libs won’t have her. For a start, the young thrusters in Warringah have been waiting for Abbott to resign for a decade. They’re not going to give p thier chnce to a blow-in who desroyed one of the Party’s favourite soncs.

It is pure madness to think otherwise.

Pyne and Bishop being investigated

The Nine papers report:

The government has sought advice on whether former ministers Christopher Pyne and Julie Bishop have potentially breached the Ministerial Code of Conduct with jobs they have taken since leaving politics, heading off a push for an inquiry.

They did. Next!