The totalitarian control of Australia is really starting to P people off:

… approaching two years into the lockdowns, something is changing. The creeping cumulative toll of crushing many Victorians’ rights and freedoms is no longer an abstract inconvenience. It is turning into a measurable catastrophe that can be invoked to rebut cognitively and emotionally the benefit of reducing Covid deaths. This is why Andrews now is conditioning Victorians to living with Covid – he has no political choice.

Gladys Berejiklian has made the same point:

It will be interesting to see when the media starts to change its mind – they’re firmly in the lockdown-to-infinity crowd. It must be good for business. But when the public starts to shift – and that’s inevitable – when will the media move its caravan?

How much Kool-Aid have they drunk?

Here’s how they treated one of their star reporters:

Seven reporter Denham Hitchcock has revised a controversial Instagram video after being spoken to by management.

Hitchcock has been vocal on his personal social media around the topic of vaccinations after suffering complications and being hospitalised with rare condition Pericarditis after having the first of the two Pfizer jabs.

Last month, Hitchcock, 40, said he was not ‘anti-vax’ but ‘pro choice’ as he revealed his medical condition.

Seven has been vocal in its push for Australians to get behind vaccination as the way out of lockdowns and the pandemic.

On Tuesday, Hitchcock shared a 22 minute video to his social media with a long caption again reiterating his stance and questioning medical data.

Several hours later though the 7NEWS Spotlight journalist edited the post with a cut down video of just under 14 minutes and a different caption.

Confidential [The Daily Telegraph] understands Seven bosses advised Hitchcock to remove his editorialising of the issue “to make the video more balanced and in line with public responsibility”.

So to recap: Hitchcock gave a first-hand account of his experience, then spoke to experts, but it didn’t fit the company line so he revised his reporting to fit the narrative.

Just imagine if there were such blatant evidence of interference from Murdoch. Poor Kevin would blow a gasket.

Maybe the tide is turning because of incidents like this:

And this won’t help. What the hell is the point of it all if there is no endpoint and there’s no point to the incentives?

WA Premier Mark McGowan doesn’t understand what vaccines are for.

Jacqui Lambie: imagine if Craig Kelly had said something like this

Morrison is reopening the culture wars

This looks like good news:

Australia’s education minister has said he doesn’t want students to leave school with “a hatred” of their country, in a ramping up of his rhetoric about the draft national curriculum.

No wonder the left is getting their undies all twisty:

Professor Susanne Gannon, an expert in educational research at the Western Sydney University, said the education minister seemed to have “a strange misunderstanding of the purposes of education”.

Gannon said education was a cornerstone of a vigorous and healthy democracy, and young citizens “need to have learned to investigate, explore and contest ideas in rational, honest and open ways”.

“Choosing to present Anzac Day as ‘sacred’ and monolithic reveals an allegiance to simplistic ideas of the past, erasure of the experiences and histories of many in our communities, and a complete misunderstanding of historical consciousness and historical thinking that are foundational to the discipline of history,” Gannon said.

There’s probably a coherent thought in there, but with so much jargon, who can tell.

This line is particularly telling: “erasure of the experiences and histories of many in our communities”.

They would be the experiences of people who don’t like Australia.

In which case, if you are here, and you don’ like it here, don’t let the door hit you on your arse.