Labor is play acting for press freedom

Interesting. Because one of Dreyfus’s former colleagues was quite certain about what he wanted for journalists he didn’t like:

Federal Labor backbencher Steve Gibbons has called for fines for journalists who publish misleading or incorrect stories.

Mr Gibbons, the Member for Bendigo, told Parliament that people were losing faith in journalism and voiced concerns about the lack of accountability in the sector.

He said recommendations from the Finkelstein independent review of the media did not go far enough and journalists should be fined for their errors.

“Fines such as these for publishing blatant untruths or misleading news reports, or temporary suspensions of the right to publish or broadcast, would lead to a major improvement in the accuracy and fairness of our media,” he said.

Mr Gibbons said he supported free speech, but inaccurate reports degraded public debate on issues of national significance.

“When a media outlet, journalist or redneck shock jock deliberately broadcasts or publishes a statement that they know is factually wrong, and it is subsequently proven that they knew it was factually wrong, they ought to be subject to an appropriate penalty,” he said.

The flaws in medevac exposed

There were always holes in medevac. Now we know just how bad they are:

Fewer than one in 10 refugees and asylum-seekers transferred to Australia under Labor-backed medivac laws has required hospital treatment, and none is currently receiving in-patient care.

Operation Sovereign Borders head Craig Furini told Senate ­estimates on Monday that just 13 medical-transfer detainees, out of 135 brought to Australia so far, had been hospitalised.

“As of this morning, there are zero of those transferred in hospital,” Major General Furini said.

Read it all.

Sarah Hanson-Young was re-elected by the people of South Australia

NExt time, South Australia, feel free to miss a turn:


George Young (d 2017)

George Redburn Young (6 November 1946 – 22 October 2017) was an Australian musician, songwriter and record producer. He was a founding member of the bands the Easybeats and Flash and the Pan, and was one-half of the songwriting and production duo Vanda & Young with his long-time musical collaborator Harry Vanda.

Born in Scotland, Young moved to Australia with his family as a teenager, and became a naturalised citizen. He was a member of the 1960s Australian rock band the Easybeats, and co-wrote with bandmate Harry Vanda the international hits “Friday on My Mind” and “Love Is in the Air“, the latter recorded by John Paul Young (who is unrelated). Vanda and Young were also the producers of early work by the Australian hard rock band AC/DC, formed by his younger brothers Malcolm and Angus Young. Vanda & Young were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 1988and the Easybeats were inducted in 2005.

Gotta love this film clip. Awful doesn’t begin to describe it. Great piano section, though. And an Angus Young lookalike at 2:30 (that’s be George – Angus’s brother).

Feature image: Photo by Maria Krisanova on Unsplash