More protesting morons

IMARC protests continue and the lunacy won’t top until the conference is over.

Here’s the simple truth:

  1. Australians have a right to protest peacefully.
  2. Australians have a right to assemble peacefully.

Your protest does not mean I can’t assemble.

Theye are using the heckler’s vetoe. This is a fascist activity.

It’s amazing who thknks these protestors are in the right:

Sally is a smart woman with a lot of interesting ideas.

Sally is wrong on this topic.

Obama realises the woke are dopes

Bit too late, Wingnut.

Labor’s Clare O’Neill figured this out as well … but a bit too late for Labor:

Labor frontbencher Clare O’Neil will call on the party to push back against political correctness in light of the May election defeat, saying progressives are too quick to dismiss people with ­opposing views as “obviously wrong, probably stupid and possibly sub­human”.

While saying she does not like being on the “same side of an ­argument as Alan Jones”, the ­opposition innovation spokeswoman will on Thursday say she was dismayed during the election campaign to discover lifelong Labor voters felt “progressives were talking down to them”.

She will use an address to the John Curtin Research Centre in Melbourne to call for Labor to “engage in the conversation about political correctness” in an effort to win support from middle Australia.