No one receives an Australia Day honour out of thin air. It’s a long process. The main issue is that the organisers don’t want it to become a political platform, say, if it were to be rejected on the day.

Or in the days before as Kerry O’Brien just did.

So recipients are asked: “were you to be nominated for an Australia day honour, would you accept it?”

If you answer yes, then the process begins and you are meant to keep it quiet for months.

Kerry O’Brien used the award to grand stand.

But he did something else – he virtue signalled.

By rejecting the award, writing to Governor-General David Hurley, “I believe the decision to award Australia’s highest honour to Margaret Court may serve to erode the hard-fought gains made over decades in reducing the impact of discrimination against members of the LGBTQ+ community”, he was also saying that other recipients are obviously OK with Margaret Court receiving an elevation to AC.

It was sickening virtue signalling that belittled everyone else. Almost all of whom are no doubt more worthy recipients than Red Kerry.

Aboriginal deaths, injury and incarceration

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FEATURE IMAGE: ABC-TV. (Where Kerry worked since 1934.)