CCP apologist scores a spot on Q&A

Who the hell does the screening on Q&A? How did an apologist for the CCP dictatorship score a seat on the Q&A panel?

Last night, People’s Panellist Li Shee Su said he believed there’s ‘another player’ in the Hong Kong protests.

Check out the look on AC Grayling’s face. Says it all, really.

And since when did Australian academics answer to the Chinese Government?

It’s only money (yours, of course)

NSW councils have splurged hundreds of thousands of ratepayer dollars on overseas jaunts to destinations ranging from Lithuania to South Korea while the backlog bill for unrepaired potholed roads has blown out into the billions.

Read it all. And remember whose money it is.

(Hint: not theirs.)

The latest green rort – recycling

No green scheme ever works. Recycling is the latest. It is guaranteed to fail.