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Grumpy Bill is back

But truth is, he never went away.

Listen to the first five seconds of this media conference.

He’s not even trying to hide how he feels anymore.

Kevin Rudd is getting sad

Australia has well and truly moved on from Kevin Rudd, but Rudd still hankers for love.

So whenever there’s a chance for him to get in front of a microphone, whether he should or not, he just can’t help himself.

For some reason, he thought he were dying to hear his thoughts on Trump and Mueller.

We weren’t. Especially when he made so many mistakes:

“If I as prime minister did 10 per cent of what Trump is alleged to have done in this report you’d be out of office,” Rudd told a New York audience last week on the day of the Mueller report’s release.

“It’s kind of quite spectacular in terms of the amount of, let’s call it, attempted obstruction of justice which the President was involved in.

“It just wouldn’t wash [in Australia].”

The “attempted obstruction of justice” was deemed insufficient for Mueller to recommend charged.

And remember, the obstruction as to cover a crime that didn’t occur.

So there is that.

Remember, Getup wants to raise the tenor of politics

The Washington Post is an abomination

How else could you describe this Tweet?

And the comments are so damning it’s as though the fires of hell are raining down on the paper.

No wonder:

… the attacks, which targeted a religious minority in a predominantly Buddhist country, also resonated abroad — especially in Europe.

To some, it was further proof that Christians in many parts of the world are under attack. Several churches were targeted in Sunday’s bombing attacks, along with hotels and a banquet hall. At one Catholic church in Negombo, more than 100 people were killed. The attack took place on Easter, one of the most important dates on the Christian calendar.

Curious why Christians would feel under attack. Would that be, um, because they were?

The WaPo used to be a proud newspaper.

Ella Fitzgerald (b 25 April 1917)

This is a great story of an amazing and

history-changing talent.

And then there’s this … the money have been irresistable.