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The loyal deputy bows out

Julie Bishop has hung up her Guccis and departed the parliament.

The one-time leadership aspirant leaves unhappy conservatives in her wake.

The question is how will she cope paying her own fares from now on?

She didn’t mind putting her nose in the trough:

Julie Bishop claimed $32,000 in taxpayers’ money for “family” travel by her long-term partner but has not declared his financial interests because she claims he is not her spouse.

On Wednesday Fairfax media reported the foreign minister had not listed her partner, David Panton, on her parliamentary register of interests.

Expenses records lodged with the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority and the finance department show that Bishop has claimed more than $32,000 in family travel since 2015.

A spokeswoman for Bishop told Guardian Australia: “David Panton is the minister’s nominated person for the purpose of domestic travel. The minister is compliant with the register of interests.”

Bishop maintains she is compliant with the rules because Panton is not her husband or de facto partner. The apparent inconsistency allows Panton, a property developer, to claim taxpayer-funded domestic travel without declaring financial interests – as spouses are required to do – including assets, income, directorships and gifts over the $300 threshold.

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