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Waleed v Morrison


Coal exports

Are being held up at Chines portsnow we know why.

Remember, he’s a fixer.

This would irritate Peterson more than anything else …

He reportedly earns $80 k a month on YouTube and sells out packed arenas to talk about his bestselling book.

Going to Cambridge to wear tweed and sip dank port is probably the least of his desires:

Cambridge University has rescinded its offer of a visiting fellowship to Jordan Peterson, the self-styled “professor against political correctness”, after a backlash from faculty and students.

Peterson, a psychology professor from Toronto who has courted controversy for his views on transgender rights, gender and race, announced on Monday via his YouTube channel that he was joining Cambridge for two months.

The Guardian also totally misrepresent Peterson’s poistion on compelled speech.

The video that started it all is here. it’s hard to watch; there’s too much yelling.

Yesterday we spoke about how free speechw as under fire iuin the UK.

Add New Zealand to the list: Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life removed from Whitcoulls following Christchurch terror attack.

Trump Jr fights back against deplatforming

This will get interesting.

William Shatner (b 1931)

One of the worst covers ever …

And one of the greatest (in fact, the whole Has Been album is a great work of art … seriously!)

Harry Vanda (b 1946)

Great songwriter Harry Vanda brought us the songs of the Easybeats and this classic: