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Sophie Monk should be Australian of the Year

This is awesome:

Australian model and former Bachelorette star Sophie Monk is the newest ambassador for Chinese tech company Huawei, despite security concerns.

Monk told The Daily Telegraph the controversy surrounding the company was the last thing on her mind, and the company’s mobile phones were much easier to use. “All I want is a good phone; I don’t really care where it comes from.”

Monk was unperturbed by privacy issues or national security concerns. “I’m lucky to know who the Prime Minister is, so the politics behind it I don’t really understand,” she said,

“I was thinking even if a nude shot got out there, I’d rather have my phone with everything on it and take that risk.”

She was unperturbed! You don’t say!

Labor to set gender targets for Australia Day honours

Labor will introduce gender targets into the Australia Day honours system if it wins the election.

Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek said Labor would set targets for 40 per cent female recipients of Order of Australia awards by 2020.

Ms Plibersek said women receive on average 30 per cent of Order of Australia awards, flagging plans to overhaul the award categories.

Honour a Woman was established to promote the cause. How many usual suspects can you spot?

South Australia turns to diesel

This says about all you need to know about renewables. When the going gets tough, renewables are gone.

Peak demand is between 4-7 PM.

Renewables were most productive – as a percentage of demand – at 5:30 AM.

Think about that when you’re told to sweat to save the grid. It’s a bit hard to read, but the data can be sourced from OpenNEM.

That means:

Temporary diesel power generators owned by the South Australian Government have been switched on for the first time, as the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) deals with record-breaking heat conditions across SA and Victoria.

The State Government said AEMO ordered the generators to deal with a supply shortfall in Victoria.

The diesel generators were installed by the former Weatherill government ahead of last summer as an emergency measure to prevent load shedding blackouts.

Tony Blair fights against Brexit

We didn’t have time for this story this morning, but you should know that there is a concerted campaign by powerful figures to overturn the Brexit vote.

It is antidemocratic.

It’s never good to be petty, but just look at that smirk and the lying eyes …

And this is Balir speaking at Davis a few days later: