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Sri Lanka

The attacks in Sri Lanks are almost too awful for words.

For some, they’re too awful to name. The response to attacks on Christians and attacks on Muslims makes for some interesting comparisons:

And what the hell is an ‘Easter worshipper’?

Waleed managed to report on the event without mentioning that the suspects were Islamists. Amazing.

Democrats sad Trump isn’t a Russian spy

It is remarkable that the media in Australia and around the world, and the Democrats, are upset that the US President isn’t a Russian agent.

It beggars belief.

In today’s episode of the Daily Breakdown, we analyse this report from the ABC (Australia) about the Mueller report  (read the report here).

It illustrates how poorly served we are by the Australian media. But that’s just the beginning:

ScoMo takes us to church

And it may be a bit of a shock to Australians.

But it may also work. For two reasons:

  1. It has exposed the hatred of the left for the traditions (even though his one is a bit off-centre).
  2. It’s authentic. Morrison exposed himself. That takes some serious ba … er, courage – and it shows that he’s comfortable with who he is.

Here’s how Van Badham responded:

Roman used to be at the pinnacle of the Australian Public Service. Standards have dropped in recent years.

Read more about Roman’s recent adventures and consider whether he is a good guide to character.

These are Muslims at prayer. Can’t wait to see what he says about them!

And some of her followers. incidentally, the Horizon Church was not founded by a paedophile. That would be Hillsong. Horizon should sue:

Democrats still going after Trump

Never let the mother of all defeats set you on your heals and make you rethink your strategy. The Democrats are planning another winter assault on Moscow, this time going after Trump’s finances.

Considering a lot of congresspeople have been there for decades and are worth considerably more than their salaries can explain, they may have just started a circular firing squad.

Democrats are pressing forward with their investigations into President Trump‘s personal finances well beyond the boundaries of the special counsel probe.

Robert Mueller‘s investigation focused on questions of collusion in the 2016 election and potential obstruction of justice. But Democratic Reps. Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff of California, who chair the House Financial Services and Intelligence committees, respectively, are taking a deeper look at Trump’s business empire, including potential dealings with Russian nationals, for any evidence of financial crimes.

Trump’s attorneys have sought to prevent House Democratic investigators from obtaining his financial records. And Republican lawmakers have dismissed the probe as a partisan fishing expedition to undermine the president.

But Democrats insist the investigation into Trump’s financial history is a crucial component of their oversight over the financial sector, raising concerns about money laundering by Russian nationals.

The ABC needs to move on as well. This is getting embarrassing.

Electric cars lose their spark

Every green dream scheme collapses – overpromising and underdelivering.

Why would anyone think electric cars would be any different? Adam Creighton in The Australian explains:

One of the world’s foremost electric vehicle experts has cast doubt on Labor’s ambitious electric vehicle target, pointing out previous forecasts about uptake had proved “very optimistic and wrong”.

Donald Hillebrand, director of Argonne National Laboratory’s energy systems division outside Chicago, said a target of 50 per cent of sales by 2030 was “very ambitious and aggressive”, even factoring in advances in battery technology.

But if you reckon that’s bad, learn more about lithium. Remember this next time someone tels you about how great electric cars are.

Johnny Cash

A new release from Johnny Cash.