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Refugees are welcome but not here

You gotta love virtue signalling.

Although it didn’t go as planned for former ACT Minister John Hargreaves when he invited Manus and Nauru asylum seekers to the ACT.

Not well at all.

This isn’t an interview – this is a trainwreck

Not one question answered.

The coup to oust Donald Trump (a must read)

Victor Davis Hanson outlines the failed coup against Donald Trump.

Preparing the Battlefield
No palace coup can take place without the perception of popular anger at a president.

The deep state is by nature cowardly. It does not move unless it feels it can disguise its subterranean efforts or that, if revealed, those efforts will be seen as popular and necessary—as expressed in tell-all book titles such as fired FBI Directors James Comey’s Higher Loyalty or in disgraced Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s psychodramatic The Threat.

In candidate and President Trump’s case that prepping of the battlefield translated into a coordinated effort among the media, political progressives and celebrities to so demonize Trump that his imminent removal likely would appear a relief to the people. Anything was justified that led to that end.

Read the whole thing and you’ll know 10-times more than all your colleagues. And 10-times more than the media in Australia (which isn’t hard).

Julian Burnside is a QC, and an idiot

And he has form. He fell for an obviously fake twitter account:

He really is an idiot. And he’s a QC. Or maybe he’s just a moran.

And while we’re on the topic of boats, if you need a reminder of how wrong Labor was on this policy, take a walk down memory lane: