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Why is anyone surprised One nation was chasing NRA dollars?

One Nation is a gun-toting party. Until 31 December 2018 they could source funds from foreign donors. Including the NRA, as al_jazeera has exposed.

The joke is the amount One Nation was after.

In the US, the NRA actually doesn’t give that much money to candidates. Around

Fr Rod Bower – running for the senate – is a dangerous and hateful man.

The truth is, though, we’re not talking a lot of money. The NRA wins at the ballot not the wallet.

In case you’re wondering …

The idiots in the media have learned nothing.

For two year they relied on BS talking heads and unsourced quotes.

Time to start doing some journalism.

Speaking of idiots. The woman who started it all has come out of her shell … OK,time to go back now, Hilary.