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Turnbull takes his pity party to the UK

This. Is. Sad.

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has blasted the Liberal Party on the world stage and made a stunning claim about his Liberal rivals.

In a wide-ranging interview with esteemed British journalist Andrew Neil on BBC program Politics Live, the former PM described his ousting from the top job in August last year as “madness”.

Mr Turnbull said he was removed because his own party did not want him to win the next election.

He needs help.

The podcast contains a large snippet that is well worth the listen.

Matt Canavan is a top quality troll

One thousand heads just exploded at The Guardian:

The resources minister, Matt Canavan, has declared “now” is the time to build new coal-fired power, as the prime minister insisted his pre-election priorities were securing passage of budget bills and helping north Queensland recover from the recent floods.

The comments from Canavan and Scott Morrison follow a new push from Queensland Nationals for “immediate” government action to underwrite new power station construction in regional Queensland, and a separate demand the government pass the “big stick” energy package in the final sitting week of the 45th parliament.

So, it seems, is Virgin

What the actual …?

The comments on the Virgin site are what you would expect them to be.

Labor doesn’t like old people

So long as they don’t drive their caravan in the right-hand lane, what’s the problem? ($$$)

A Daniel Andrews staffer has taken to Facebook to attack “whingeing Baby Boomers”, just months before a federal election her party will fight on taking franking credit refunds away from older Australians.

The Victorian premier’s caucus liaison officer, Lisa Ohlmus, hit out at Baby Boomers’ “sense of entitlement” in a move which the state Opposition has labelled as a “total lack of respect.”

“The sense of entitlement from whingeing Baby Boomers is simply breathtaking,” she posted on February 20.

The Facebook post appears to have been deleted shortly after The Australianapproached Ms Ohlmus and the Premier’s office this morning.

Or coal miners

Jackie Trad’s government received $3.8 billion on coal royalties alone last year. She’s quite ungrateful.

At least she didn’t tell them to learn to code ($$$):

Queensland’s deputy premier Jackie Trad has been accused of being “reckless, inappropriate and out of line’’ by CFMEU mining (Qld) president Steven Smyth after she last week warned that the state’s mining communities needed to “re-skill’’.

Maybe you wouldn’t invest in a stadium …

But would you invest your own money in rugby union? Nah. But we do.

March 10