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Labor is owned by GetUp

GetUp isn’t an associated entity of Labor, Labor is an associated entity of GetUp.

Getup, due to its financial clout and ability to muster volunteers, owns the Labor Party. It’s more apparent every day:

The group will launch the next phase of its campaign when it issues surveys to candidates from Labor, the Greens and other parties asking them to reveal where they stand on key policies including the Adani mine.

The responses will help decide whether GetUp puts a Labor candidate at the top of its how-to-vote cards at the election or favours the Greens or independents instead.

Now imagine Gina Rinehard sent a survey to Liberal and National Party MPs asking where they stood on mining and gave donations accordingly.

You’re right … that would be dodgy.

Public servants pay for Andrews’ misuse of funds

Dan Andrews is a mate of workers, so no doubt he will beg to be fronting any inquiry looking into the scam to rort taxpayers to pay for blatantly party political advertising, as outlined yesterday.

Victoria’s opposition has referred four senior public servants to the state’s corruption watchdog after they signed off on the Andrews government’s taxpayer-funded advertising campaign which accuses the federal government of cutting health and education funding.

Not bloody likely.

The truth is that the $1 million was irrelevant.

He wasn’t going to spend that money on a campaign. The damage was done the minute the ads were reported on the evening news, providing far more in free advertising than the campaign would ever have been budgeted for.

The end game is coming for Folau or Castle

Some fascinating insights into the rift that threatens to split rugby in half.

How serious is it? Folau is not alone (a point made here last week):

Pasifika players now make up 46 per cent of Australia’s professional rugby players. Samu Kerevi and Allan Alaalatoa both liked his original social media offering but RA conveniently has failed to question them about this.


It’s amazing that Fairfax gave Hillsong founder Brian Houston space in its paper to bash Folau.

Any other day of the week, Houston would be a figure of fun.

As he is a figure of scorn on Folau’s Instagram page.

This is the Hillsong Church … in Stockholm:

These are the preachers Folau hates:

Just a bit too much self-interest here for Houston to be taken seriously.