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Julian Burnside is magnificent

You gotta love this over-educated gaff machine.

He. Is. Magnificent. ($$$).

Julian Burnside, a wealthy barrister who has amassed a $20 million property portfolio including a Victorian mansion, multiple waterfront apartments in Melbourne­ and Sydney and a spectacular clifftop beach retreat, wants to end tax breaks for future investors.

The property wealth of the Greens’ candidate for Kooyong, some of it hidden within company structures or registered to his wife, sits in gleaming contrast to the policies of his new party, which laments a “rigged’’ housing system that enriches investors while locking first-time buyers out of the market.

Zali Steggall denounces Abbott ‘smears’ by smearing Abbott

With interviews like this, you’d have to wonder if Today is an associated entity of Zali Steggall.

And the Liberals hits back at GetUp … but it’s pretty weak.

There was ten times as much detail in our first podcast. You should have a listen. It was a bit rusty but the detail was rock solid.

The patriarchy is saved

… because Iran is now in charge of women’s rights.

Yep. The UN is hilarious. dangerous. But funny.

This isn’t.

An Iranian woman who publicly removed her veil in protest against Iran’s compulsory headscarf law has been sentenced to two years in prison, the judiciary said on Wednesday.

Tehran’s chief prosecutor, Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi, who announced the sentence, did not give the woman’s identity but said she intended to appeal against the verdict, the judiciary’s Mizan Online news agency reported.

Dolatabadi said the unidentified woman took off her headscarf in Tehran’s Enghelab Street to “encourage corruption through the removal of the hijab in public”.

Read the whole thing.

And remember:

USA Today is written for idiots

For a laugh, every few days scan USA Today.

There’s no dumber newspaper in the world, as this story proves. Idiots:

One more thing about Michael Cohen’s House testimony before we move on. Beyond the many unsettling charges against President Donald Trump, he made one startling prediction: if Trump loses his reelection bid, “there will never be a peaceful transition of power.”

On the face of it, it might seem a bit wild-eyed to assert that orderly presidential succession may be threatened. Not one of 10 defeated incumbents in 58 presidential elections refused to hand over the keys to the White House — from President John Adams, who lost to Vice President Thomas Jefferson in 1800, to George H. W. Bush, who was ousted by then-Governor Bill Clinton in 1992.

Yet, given how Trump has already blown through the norms of governance in previously unimaginable ways by attacking the judiciary, Congress and the free press — as well as the increasing possibility that Trump’s post-presidential life could very well consist of criminal trials — Cohen’s warning is worth serious consideration. After all, during the last campaign Trump refused to commit in advance that he would accept the results.

Harry James (b 1916)

Harry James on trumpet and a young boy from Hoboken, New Jersey, being held up by a mic stand.

Lester Young (d 1959)

Another version of Stardust by another genius who died too young. The great Lester Young.

And one of the most amazing and tragic ensembles ever put together: