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Andrew Forrest can’t be trusted

If you believe this, Twiggy, you’re a fool:

Billionaire miner Andrew Forrest has waded into the racism debate, slamming some politicians for exploiting ignorance in Australia about Chinese families who just wanted to work hard and have “a fair go”.

“There’s been short term exploitation by politicians of the lack of understanding of China by most Australians, and of the Chinese heart by most Australians,” Mr Forrest said in an interview on the sidelines of the Boao Forum economic summit …

He said the Chinese “don’t go around invading other countries … We’ve got plenty of other examples of that and it isn’t China. They want to work hard and leave a better life for their kids. What does that sounds like? It sounds like Australia.”

Could someone show him a map of the South China Sea?

It’s been taken over by China without a shot being fired.

Money blinds a lot of people. A lot of money blinds them a lot.

BTW he mentioned ‘Chinese hearts’. That phrase wasn’t used by chance.

Shocking! GetUp endorses Zali Steggall

Nooooooo! Say it ain’t so! GetUp backs Steggall.

Looks like the “sensible centre” has moved to the Left … just a wee bit:

The first definitive link between Tony Abbott’s challenger Zali Steggall and GetUp! has emerged, with the left-wing group directing Warringah voters to support her and vote out Australia’s “Neanderthal” former prime minister.

Despite Ms Steggall’s repeated denials she is receiving any “favours” from GetUp! or would accept help from them, the activist organisation’s latest doorknocking script for Warringah, obtained by The Daily Telegraph, directly urges voters to back her.

Hanson punches back against Al Jazeera

She is either very right, or very wrong.

Having seen what happened to Trump, would you put all your faith in the media?

Have a look at the press conference with James Ashby and Steve Dickson yesterday.

If they’re lying, they’re the best liars in the world. This was a very good performance.


Watch this very carefully

First Larissa Waters rules out death taxes and then she kind of says they’re open for debate after the election.

Isn’t that how we ended up with the carbon tax?!?

You mean China lied?

If China can’t be trusted, who can you trust:

Plans by China to resume the construction of dozens of coal-fired power plants could partly derail a broader global decline in the number of coal facilities under development, according to a new study backed by US billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

Satellite photos taken by environment group CoalSwarm last September showed Chinese operators have restarted construction on dozens of suspended projects, which was noted as a “glaring exception” to the global decline in coal plant development.