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GetUp in Warringah

Left-wing group GetUp orchestrates bid to unseat high-profile conservatives ($).

The left-wing pressure group targeting government figures including Tony Abbott and Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has developed a “spine” of connections to independents who will run as Liberal-lite candidates in the federal election.

GetUp yesterday declared its hand by vowing to canvass every home in Mr Abbott’s Sydney electorate of Warringah to unseat the former prime minister.

A “doorknocking resource” obtained by The Australian primes volunteers to fan resentment against Mr Abbott.

Read the script GetUp is using against Tony Abbott in Warringah.

My darling Clementine …

The spectacular ball of man-hating fury that is Clementine Ford left Fairfax as you expected – burning every bridge and leaving her remnant reputation in tatters.

God bless you, my funny Clementine. We hope you get the professional support and medication you so desperately need.

As the Breakdown noted last night:

Patricia Karvelas gets politics completely, absolutely wrong

It’s only January, but only Peter van Onselen could come up with a dopey-headed analysis that this from the ABC’s Patricia Karvelas. The highlight being this howler:

Ms Steggall, Ms Phelps and Ms Banks are all centre-right women who you would think a mainstream centre-right party would want in its ranks. They are economically conservative but reflect the mainstream social values of a modern Australia.

If at any time you would like to present evidence, Ms Karveals, please email feedme@dailybreakdown.com.au.

Revolution at Melbourne University Press

Prominent Australian publisher, Louise Adler, has resigned from her position at Melbourne University Press.

‘Disturbing’: government intervenes in Melbourne Uni publishing turmoil.

She’s been joined by half the board, including former Human Rights Commissioner Gillian Triggs and former NSW Premier Bob Carr.

Here’s a sample of the bright young authors published by MUP. You couldn’t make it up if you tried.

Jeremy Clarkson makes lame gay joke (that’s backed by research)

Judge Clarkson not by his actions but the tedious, uptight, slef-righteous bores who oppoe him.

When you do, he’s not that bad.

Jeremy Clarkson and his former Top Gear co-hosts have been accused of making “repulsive” homophobic jokes on their new television series.

British singer-songwriter and actor Will Young outlined his anger at the remarks made by the cast of The Grand Tour in a string of posts on Twitter, stating “you can be honest and funny without this ridiculous ‘lad’ ooh being gay and let’s laugh about it mentality.”

This is the car in question. Bad news, Jeep, this is a gay car (ie, a car driven by many homosexuals).