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Differing polls give no great hope to the Liberals, but if they had to read one, they’d definitely want Newspoll to be right.

Abbott trapped in the web of Chinese money

Tonight, Four Corners will again run an expose on Chinese influence in Australian politics.

This topic was covered in The Daily Breakdown – Big Listen over the weekend with Clive Hamilton, author of Silent Invasion. A book every Australian should read.

But … It turns out that Tony Abbott may have been the beneficiary of Chinese donations.

This is hardly surprising. Chinese money is everywhere in Australian politics.

Tony Abbott’s re-election campaign held a fundraising function last year at a private golf club controlled by an allegedly corrupt Beijing-linked casino tycoon and China’s biggest media propagandist in Australia.

Mr Abbott attended a golf day at the club, Twin Creeks, in February last year, and, two weeks later, on March 2, 2018, he went again, with Liberal money man John Caputo, to a fundraiser called the “Warringah FEC golf and dinner day”.

The club is 70km west of Mr Abbott’s northern-Sydney electorate of Warringah, and its directors include Jack Lam, a gambling tycoon and fugitive from a bribery prosecution in the Philippines, and Tommy Jiang, who since 2011 has partnered in a joint venture media company with a Chinese government radio service subsidiary.

However, when you get past the headline, it looks like Abbott might have been at the event but not a direct beneficiary of the event. That would remain to be seen from an audit of his re-election committees’ books.

As there is so much Chinese money in Australian politics, the real issue is what influence does it have on Australian politicians.

In other words, will it create another Sam Dastyari? Where a politician sought money directly from a donor and then – as if by quid pro quo – stated a different position from that of his party but which aligned with the donor.

In other words, will he who pays the piper call the tune?

We have evidence and history that tells us the answer, and it isn’t good.

The real story isn’t Turnbull

This lead is to create a local angle:

The bombshell leak of US President Donald Trump’s contentious 2017 phone call with then Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull could lead to criminal charges.

Devin Nunes, the highest-ranking Republican member on the US House of Representatives Intelligence Committee, announced on Sunday that he would send eight criminal referrals to US Attorney-General William Barr.

This is the real story, right down the bottom:

The referrals also involve alleged abuse by “numerous individuals” of the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which involves surveillance warrants against suspected foreign spies inside the US.

Some Republican members of Congress allege the FBI counterintelligence investigation into potential collusion between Russia and the Trump election campaign that led to the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller was marred by lies and false information to obtain FISA warrants.

The noose is tightening on the Obama hldover staff and the three-letter agencies hat sought to desryoy the Trump Administration.

The Australia Institute finds people like free stuff

One day, leftists will realise that when the government pays for anything, they send you the bill.

Until then, we get rubbish like this from The Australia Institute:

Most Australians want the State and Federal Governments to implement policies that would encourage more electric vehicles on Australian roads, according to new research from The Australia Institute Climate & Energy Program.

Key findings:

  • An overwhelming majority of Australians (79%) support the Government building a network of charging stations across the country for electric vehicles.
  • The majority of Australians support for governments to procure electric vehicle fleets (76%) and providing loans for electric vehicle uptake (55%).
  • Almost three out of four Australians (74%) support rebates to promote installation of charging stations for electric vehicles and for new apartment blocks to be required to host charging stations (73%).
  • Two out of three Australians (66%) want the Luxury Car Tax removed from imported electric vehicles

“Our research makes it clear that Australians are keen for the Government to encourage electric vehicle uptake through a range of policy measures,” said Richie Merzian, Climate & Energy Program Director at The Australia Institute.

“Australia has a high-polluting transport sector, transport emissions have increased 59% since 1990 and continue to climb. There are numerous, popular policies available to the Government to help drive this around, including changing their fleet to electric vehicles.

“Removing barriers to electric vehicle ownership, such as the Luxury Car Tax and providing concessional loans can drive serious growth in electric vehicle uptake.”

The NBN is dead but it doesn’t know it yet

This is why we shouldn’t have put all our eggs in one basket. A basket we own. And hope to sell … but which fool would buy it? no one. We’ll be stuck with it, so the whole business plan isn’t worth the napkin it was first written on:

The National Broadband Network faces competition from lower-cost, lower-orbit satellite technology that threatens to deliver a knockout blow.

Instead of being conventional satellites the size of buses, the small satellites are the size of toasters, orbit much closer to Earth, and network to offer broadband services.

Thousands of these satellites network to form what are called “a constellation” and work together to offer superfast broadband networks with up to gigabit speeds and low latency.

It is wrong to laugh at this person’s death …

So we won’t. But it will be very tough:

A man attempting to poach a rhino in the Kruger National Park was crushed to death by an elephant before being eaten by a pride of lions leaving behind his skull and a pair of pants.

Three of the victim’s friends ran away after the victim was crushed by the elephant and rang his family.

Meet the father of cultural Marxism

When you try to sit through Q&A tonight, consider the father of cultural Marxism – Antonio Gramsci – the man who urged the left to march through the institutions.

Which they have. The ABC is evidence of that.

Yip Harburg (b 1896)

Yip Harburg had an amazing career, writing

Oh. And this: