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If Peter FitzSimons predicts the end of Abbott’s career the way he predicted the end of Tiger Woods’, Abbott might just win Warringah.

Israel Folau

Yesterday The Daily Breakdown ran a long piece about Israel Folau. It highlights a lot of the issues the media has been too lazy to look into.

Set aside half a day to read it because it is long. Send your thoughts to feedme@dailybreakdown.com.au. Your thoughts and critiques are most welcome.

Israel Folau’s comments weren’t homophobic, but the response indicates total ignorance about Christianity – the foundation of modern Australia

On the same theme, this piece from Gary Maddox at Fairfax is fantastic:

During a warm-hearted two-hour service that started with a pastor welcoming “our Tongan brothers and sisters”, our guests from The Sydney Morning Herald and “Izzy and Maria”, the tight-knit community rallied around their most famous member with support for what one speaker called his “boldness to stand true to his word”.

There were multiple references to Folau being “persecuted” for his beliefs in the Lord’s teaching.

Indeed he is. It’s great work. Simple writing. Fact based, not judgmental.

Incidentally, Folau’s father is pastor at the church. Odd that it’s not more widely reported.

Read the Maddox article.

Abbott should be banned from going on SBS

Seriously, it never ends well for him.

This wasn’t good on Friday:

Former prime minister Tony Abbott has raised doubts around the “so-called” science of climate change.

“The so-called settled science is not quite as settled as people say and that’s my position,” Mr Abbott said while campaigning in his Sydney seat of Warringah on Friday.

“Nevertheless, we’ve only got one planet. We should do what we reasonably can to rest lightly upon it,” he said.

But at least it was better than this 2013 train wreck:

Tony Abbott has spoken to SBS in the final hours of the 2013 election and promised that there will be no cuts to public broadcasters.

Material from US space agency NASA suggests there is a wide scientific consensus on climate change.

“Multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals show that 97 per cent or more of actively publishing climate scientists agree: climate-warming trends over the past century are extremely likely due to human activities,” it says.

“In addition, most of the leading scientific organisations worldwide have issued public statements endorsing this position.”

This has been debunked on lots of places. It’s embarrassing that NAS keeps flogging that horse. These were the same geniuses who told us Tuvalu was sinking. Wrong.

Victoria is a rogue state under Dan Andrews

Dan Andrews can’t control gangs, can’t control crime (less than 24 hours ago four people were taken to hospital after the shooting outside the Love Machine nightclub in Prahran, one died) but by God he knows how to spend your money for political ends.

Andrews and his cabal have been a law unto themselves since the red Shirt Scandal which Vic Police scandalously refused to pursue seriously.

Yesterday, Andrews released ads hammering the federal government on health and education.

Andrews says it’s the state government standing up for its citizens. But let’s call if for what it is: an abuse of funds by the most corrupt government in Australia.

Trump derangement syndrome is worse than ever

This is the dumbest article since the release of the Mueller report.

So much stupid. Read it and laugh. Every para is ridiculous. Promise.



Featured image: The Truth of Jesus Christ Church Sydney.