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This kinda looks like a carbon tax (but shhhh, they’re not calling it that)

But if it looks like a duck … you know the rest:

Labor is set to unveil a climate policy that will beef up the Morrison government’s heavily criticised safeguard mechanism, creating new pollution reduction requirements for the aviation sector, cement, steel and aluminum, mining and gas, direct combustion and the non-electricity energy sectors.

Currently the safeguard mechanism applies to businesses with direct emissions of more than 100 kilotonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent pollution each year, and Labor’s policy is expected to lower that threshold to 25 kilotonnes, which means more sectors and businesses will be covered.

It is anticipated Labor’s policy will allow over-achievement on the new, more stringent, baselines, which will allow businesses who cut pollution more aggressively to generate carbon credits that can be traded with other businesses that cannot meet their targets.

In practice, this means the electricity sector, which Labor proposes to cover with a separate regulatory regime, will be able to sell carbon permits to heavy emitters.

In practice, it means the cost of electricity will rise.

When a cost is imposed on a business, it can be absorbed by the business or passed on.

As the cost will be imposed on all parts of the electricity sector, it will be passed on.

Taking tokenism to Government House

If Bill Shorten wins the next election, the next Governor-General will be a woman.

The only female G-G to date (by coincidence, his mother-in-law, Quentin Bryce) was appointed for her contribution to Australia and her standing in the community.

No doubt Shorten’s choice will be as well .. but there will always be a nagging doubt that maybe, just maybe, it was a token appointment.

The AFR writes hagiography for Zali

A 25-year-old movie reference, way to stay relevant, Fin ($$$):

Mr Abbott’s campaign bus is touring the harbourside and ocean-front suburbs in Warringah with the emblazoned proclamation: “A Vote for Zali Steggall is a vote for Bill Shorten.”

One of Ms Steggall’s key backers, global surfboard marketer Mark Kelly, has posted this online retort: “A vote for Tony Abbott is a vote for Tony Abbott.”

The reply is a, possibly unconscious, take on the famous line recited by actor Tom Hanks in the popular, eponymous movie, when he tells an old lady at a bus stop: “Hello, my name’s Forrest Gump. People call me Forrest Gump.”

She’s right, this appalling, quick, create a hashtag

Can’t wait to be told that Islam is the most gay-friendly religion.

Of peace.

Those chickens are cooked

As mentioned last week, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe and maybe even Hillary herself are going to prison.

The clock is ticking:

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) plans to refer several people involved in the surveillance operation against the Trump campaign for criminal investigation, the representative’s spokesman confirmed to The Epoch Times.

Nunes will make the referrals in a single letter to the Department of Justice, which will be sent within one or two weeks. In February, Nunes said he planned to send the referrals once Attorney General William Barr was confirmed by the Senate.

Nunes, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, announced his intention in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on March 27, days after Barr released the final findings of the special counsel investigation led by Robert Mueller.

Susan Boyle (1961)

Susan Boyle walked on stage 10 years ago and changed her life. It might be 10 years since you last saw this clip but it is worth watching again to see the looks of derision on the faces of the crowd – and the judges- and then the joy when they realise her dream could come true.

And Simon Cowell’s first line when judging.

Let’s be frank, though. Technically, she’s not a great singer, but that’s never stopped artists from becoming famous.

If you don’t get a tear in your eye, then your heart of stone must have stopped beating.