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Asylum seekers

The Morrison Government will bring the budget back into surplus this year but their greatest achievement is getting the last of the children off Nauru – an accomplishment for which they will receive almost no praise. Especially from labor and the Greens who put the asylum seekers there in the first place.

This is being overshadowed by the Morrison Government agreeing to a cross-bench proposal to have a medical board assess the mental health of asylum seekers. This could restart the people smuggling operations.

Do we really believe the medicos will say being offshore is better for their mental health than being in Australia?

The Australia Institute lobbies foreign embassies not to invest in Australia

The Australia Institute is a registered charity – they should have that status removed for lobbying foreign governments not to invest in Australia. They are no longer a think tank, they are a lobbyist. And working against Australia to boot!

The Australia Institute left-wing think-tank met officials at the Chinese embassy to urge them not to back a new clean-coal plant in Australia, warning it would result in the same political and community hostility experienced by the Adani project.

The progressive research and public policy outfit has engaged with “at least half a dozen high commissions and embassies” in the past six months, including a meeting on Wednesday with Chinese diplomats.

Alex Turnbull working to help Julia Banks …

Hopefully, the Turnbulls are as skilled with Julia as they were with the Liberal Party.

Jokes aside, this is an act of a bastard.