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This is pure arrogance

And a terrible, terrible mistake for Labor, just weeks after Chris Bowen urged old people who have franking redits (around 1.2 million of them) not to vote for Labor.

And it exposes a divide in the ALP between the workers and the wokers.

It’s also economically stupid, as Resources minister Matt Canavan exposed. Coal is booming.

Even the greenies admit it:

China is building coal-fire power stations, many of them previously thought to have been cancelled by order of the central government, at a far greater rate than previously estimated, according to analysis of satellite imagery and official documents.

A study by green campaigners CoalSwarm shows 259 gigawatts (GW) of coal-fired capacity under development in China.

This is almost equivalent to the total installed coal power capacity in the U.S. of 266 GW.

This would mean a 25% increase in China’s current 993 GW of coal power capacity to 1252, pushing well past the stated national 1100 GW cap for coal-fired power.

The build-up in China, which already has half of the world’s coal power capacity, has implications for coal supplying countries such as Australia and will mean that China is unlikely to be able to meet Paris climate goals.


Happy birthday, Miss Simone

When Nina Simone tell you to sit, you sit down!

And don’t miss the spectacular and heartbreaking version of Someone to Watch Over Me. You can see her memories as she plays.