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LEARN MORE: Alexander Downer was also referred to during the testimony by Robert Mueller before the House Judiciary Committee (Downer is mentioned as being a “diplomat” at the meeting with George Papadopolous).

According to Mueller, Joseph Mifsud (whom Mueller would not identify as being wither Western or Russian intelligence, which is an odd point to hide and indicates there is a lot more to that story) met Papadololous and told him about the Russian information on Trump, Papadopolous met Downer and Downer told the FBI.

Listen to the podcast about Mueller’s testimony to learn more, and Mueller’s remarkable and barely credible shock when he heard the words “Fusion GPS”, which was the source of the allegations against Trump.

(Updated 27 July 2019).

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Alexander Downer and the Huawei investigation

There are a lot of moving parts here, so instead of laying out the narrative, it’s best to listen to the podcast.

But here is the background information:

The FBI investigation will uncover material on Huawei which will make people like Downer uncomfortable. They will have to be asked – if the allegations are true – were they aware of what Huawei┬áis currently alleged to have done.

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Joshua Tree national park ‘may take 300 years to recover’ from shut down.

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