#ObaMAGAte is trending (so the media will try to hide it)

Here’s another great primer on Obamagate – the coup to bring down Trump.

Read it. It’s a mind-blower.

Yesterday The Breakdown said the Obama ‘leak’ was actually a drop … seems we weren’t the only ones.

Why are some nations doing better?

It’s a question worth asking.

Did the Japanese get COVID-19 right?

It’s certainly worth comparing with the Australian response. The Japanese certainly seem to have done a lot right.

But check this out:

The distribution of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases in Japan as of 7 May 2020 showed:

So of the 398 deaths in Japan:

40 to 49: 8 deaths (2%)

50 to 59: 16 deaths (4%)

60 to 69: 44 deaths (11%)

70 to 79: 102 deaths (26%)

80 and older: 228 (57%)

Gee that rate looks familiar:

You would think a health minister had better things to do with his time …

From The Australian:

Dozens of yes votes to an online opinion poll used by the Queensland government to justify a decision to rename the state’s main children’s hospital emanated from ministerial offices, including that of state Health Minister ­Steven Miles, files extracted under Right to Information laws suggest.

Dr Miles is resisting pressure to release full details of the limited number of IP addresses that yielded nearly four-fifths of the 23,000 votes in favour of changing the name of the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital to the Queensland Children’s Hospital.

You’d think doctors would have better things to do with their time as well:

Premier Annastacia Palas­zczuk insisted yesterday that Labor’s decision to rebrand it as the Queensland Children’s Hospital was predicated on the advice of doctors and the hospital board, and only affirmed by the survey.

The Minister in charge of Health is Steven Miles. On Sunday (10 May) he replaced Jackie Trad as Queensland Treasurer.

Miles is 42. At around age 30 he helped managed the campaign against John Howard for a couple of unions.

He has a PhD in political science and his thesis was on rebuilding worker participation in trade unions.

Which is why he’s playing games with IT systems to rig a vote. He’s another union hack game player.

Just what Queensland politics needs.

Memories …

Gordon Jenkins (b 1910)

The great orchestrator Gordon Jenkins is one of the geniuses behind the majesty of Nat King Cole and Sinatra and countless others, including Louis Armstrong. According to the ever-reliable Wikipedia:

The liner notes to Verve Records‘ 2001 reissue of one of Jenkins’ albums with Armstrong, Satchmo In Style, quote Decca’s A& RDirector Milt Gabler, saying that Jenkins “stood up on his little podium so that all the performers could see him conduct. But before he gave a downbeat, Gordon made a speech about how much he loved Louis and how this was the greatest moment in his life. And then he cried.”

Satchmo in Style included the brilliant and brutal Whiffenpoof Song taking a slap at Dizzy Gillespie and the bebop brigade (Jenkins is the conductor in this video):

Don’t let these giants be forgotten.