News Corp does nothing by halves, but this effort to ram more climate change propaganda down your throat is beyond going too far.

They found a farmer to spruik carbon farming. Not that he uses any numbers to make the case. As always, it’s just wishy-washy.

They have chosen also failed to mention a few things, such as the fact the farmer’s wife is worth almost $3 billion.

And his wife happens to be the first daughter of Rupert Murdoch.

Australian farmers are the best in the world.

They are known globally for their hard work, innovation, and ability to adapt to produce the world’s best food. And they are generating $50-60 billion in annual exports.

What you mightn’t know is that some Aussie farmers are, at the same time, leaders in finding solutions to climate change by capturing and storing carbon in the soil – putting us on a path to net zero.

And they’re doing this, now, on the frontline of climate change, through bushfires and droughts.

Unexpectedly, this is thanks, in part, to initiatives from the Commonwealth Government. It was Canberra that led on this back in 2011 by offering financial incentives to farmers who would innovate ways to store carbon. Back then it was one of the most comprehensive offset schemes of its type in the world.

This is propaganda by omission. And you are going to be sent the bill because you are always sent the bill.

We are also being told that COP26 is going to be super important and Australia just must be there.

Probably not, according to Greg Sheridan:

… the largest global emitter, China, the third-largest, India, and the fourth-­largest, Russia, will not be represented by their heads of government. You can be sure they won’t do anything very novel or substantial in the absence of their heads of government.

China and India between them account for a third of the world’s population.

Add Russia and they also ­account for 40 per cent of global greenhouse emissions.

This is primarily a gabfest ­between Europe and the Biden administration. That’s what the ABC and other commentators typically mean when they refer to “the rest of the world”.

Have you thrown up lately?

You will:

And just imagine if this had been Tony Abbott.


China launched a hypersonic rocket that could evade US defences and destroy US cities.

Hey! You wondering what the US military is up to?

The US intelligence community is sending a unanimous warning about the growing risk that climate change is posing to national security and global stability, a chilling report revealed on Thursday.

All 18 US intelligence agencies signed off on the 27-page report, released in a declassified version by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence after President Joe Biden ordered the government to undergo a climate assessment in January.

It comes just over a week before Biden jets off to Glasgow for the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference.

What else are they doing?

Question: how hard is it to learn Mandarin?

Gideon Haigh doesn’t miss

Gideon Haigh is a superb writer.

In The Australian on Saturday, he took a swing at Dan Andrews and did not miss – as a cricket specialist, it was as though he took the willow to the premier.

You’ll need a subscription to the Oz to enjoy the full picture, but here is a taste:

For the past 18 months, I have been taking the same walk through the same Melbourne ­suburban streets in the same ­direction at roughly the same time every day.

I’ve thought at times of varying it but always refrained. It wasn’t a pleasure, nor was it a “freedom”, except in this word’s modern sense as a privilege granted by a premier. So I wasn’t prepared to perform it other than mechanically, in precisely the mean and grudging spirit of its permission.

I’m well aware this sounds perverse. It is perverse. I don’t care. We each had a way of coping with the world’s most protracted lockdown, and this was mine, with an interior monologue of quiet seething to match.

Subscribe and enjoy.

Their ABC is strapped for cash, right?

How often do you hear about how the ABC is run on the smell of a latte?

That if you make cuts to the ABC it will not be fat, but muscle.

They must really be suffering.

Yeah, not so much:

Senior executives at the ABC ­enjoyed bumper salary increases in the past financial year, with the remuneration package of the managing director tipping over $1m and the news director pocketing a 36 per cent rise.

According to figures in the latest ABC annual report, managing director David Anderson’s total remuneration package increased by more than 10 per cent to $1.098m, up from $998,000 in 2019-20.

Gaven Morris, who this month announced his resignation as the ABC’s director of news, analysis and investigations, boasted a salary package of $676,000 in 2020-21, a 36 per cent rise from his 2019-20 remuneration of $495,000.

ABC chair Ita Buttrose was paid $195,000 in 2020-21, down from $205,000 the year before.

Quick question: what was your pay rise last year? But it wasn’t 36 per cent.

They also increased staff, ­including ongoing and non-­ongoing full-time and part-time staff, from 4257 at 30 June 2020 to 4377 at 30 June 2021.

Tough gig.

The vax mandate will not end

Fully vaccinated used to mean that you had had the shots and you were good to go!

In the case of Pfizer and AZ, it meant you’d had your two shots.

Seems that’s a bit old-fashioned – now you’ll need boosters:

The CDC and the FDA have officially approved boosters with every authorized vaccine in the U.S. for people who meet specific requirements. Walensky explained that since not everyone is eligible for a booster, the definition has not been changed “yet.”

Get the feeling you should have invested in Pfizer? This is going to go on forever.

Grace Tame isn’t the only survivor of sexual assault

You aren’t meant to point this out, but perhaps someone needs to tell Grace Tame – you’re not the only survivor of childhood sexual abuse:

Australian of the Year and sexual assault survivor Grace Tame says she was not consulted on the federal government’s national strategy for the prevention of child sexual abuse.

And statements like this are, well, odd:

Ms Tame, who has long campaigned for prioritising abuse prevention, told the ABC on Friday she had not been involved in the drafting of the strategy, but would have liked to have been.

“No, I haven’t. I haven’t been involved in the drafting of that,” she said. “I mean, that’s my job and I’ve been banging on about it all year. That we should be focusing on prevention.”

You sure it’s your job?

Put Lisa Wilkinson’s memoir in the fiction section

It seems the host of The Project has been making things up to make herself look good.

That won’t end well.

Samantha Maiden spills the beans.

Grab some popcorn and follow the link.

It is fun.