The media pushed a narrative last week that Trump was saying George Floyd would have been happy with the US unemployment figures.

Only one problem.

He didn’t say it.

This is the lie that echoed around the world.

Follow the link to see how Channel Nine reported it.


This is what the New York Times said, even though, if you follow the link, you’ll see that they had the full clip on their site.

Listen to the podcast for the true story.

That’s not social¬†distancing

Someone needs to tell the premier – this isn’t how you so social distancing.

Nancy Sinatra (b 1940)

Nancy is best known for ‘Boots’ andYou only live twice’ from the Bond movie of the same name (obviously),¬†but check out this album with Lee Hazelwood – Nancy & Lee.

This is one of the most bizarre songs you will ever hear – but it’s oddly wonderful. The whole album is worth your time. Hazelwood is a rare and sadly neglected talent.