Dan Andrews wear fascism like an old coat

This is not his call to make:

The truth is, there is no reason for this to continue.

What is he afraid of?

With great humility, we ask, your Holiness …



Pope Francis said on Sunday that people are more important than the economy, as countries decide how quickly to reopen their countries from coronavirus lockdowns.

Francis made his comments, departing from a prepared script, at the first noon address from his window overlooking St. Peter’s Square in three months as Italy’s lockdown drew to an end.

“Healing people, not saving (money) to help the economy (is important), healing people, who are more important than the economy,” Francis said.

“We people are temples of the Holy Spirit, the economy is not,” he said.

Again. Seriously. Shut up.

Twitter at it again with Trump

Twitter is again seeking to censor Trump:

Riot roundup

Initial reports that this man was dead may not be accurate.

This is why you have guns:

You gotta hope against hope that she is wrong, wrong, wrong … just so she’s wrong.

Swift’s tweet is important – not because of who it is from, but because of the narrative it fits into. It is part of a long-term campaign to paint Trump, and by extension his supporters, as racist, which is what Elizabeth Warren is seeking to do here:

Rita is right.

Nelson Riddle (b 1921)

The man who arranged the sound best associated with Sinatra was Nelson Riddle. Know his work.

Alanis Morrisette (b 1974)