These aren’t train wrecks:

This is a train wreck:

But the truth is that if Labor had won the seat of Chisolm, almost all the same questions being asked of Liu would have been asked of her opponent Jennifer Yang.

According to the Herald in May 2019:

The Chinese Communist Party has sought to build ties to candidates in the upcoming federal election, including in a critical Victorian seat that will help determine the next government.

Chinese language documents have revealed the ALP’s Jennifer Yang and the Liberal Party’s Gladys Liu — who are contesting the eastern Melbourne electorate of Chisholm — have both attended events and been involved in groups backed by the Chinese government.

… their involvement with  CCP-aligned organisations highlights the success of the Chinese government in monopolising local Australian Chinese community and political groups. This often leaves candidates seeking the Chinese-Australian vote no choice but to attend events and accept titles organised by Beijing’s satellite groups.

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The Breakdown is proud to bring you this good news story

If you only laugh once today, it might well be because of this:

When reaching for that meat-free alternative in the supermarket, you would be forgiven for thinking you were picking a healthier option.

But a new study has found popular vegan products are packed with salt, with some containing up to half-a-day’s worth in a single serve.

Nutrition experts are now urging the industry to set salt targets for meat-free meals.

She earns more than $211k a year

But it’s still not enough. If she can’t afford an electric vehicle on a base salary of more than $211,000 a year, what chance do mere mortals have?