CORRECTION 14 July, 8:00 pm: Monday’s podcast included a line that St Joseph’s is a Jesuit school and alumni included Tony Abbott.

Not even close.

It’s not often you get to apologise for two errors in one sentence (more or less), but a sharp-eyed listener has found some glaring errors.

As the listener wrote: “Hey … you’ve been outta Sydney so long your mixing up the schools… Joeys isn’t Jesuit it’s Marist …. TAbbott never went there likely he was at Riverview ..that’s Jesuit.”

Yep. Now, where’s that brown sandwich. Yum, yum.

Let’s start off with some fun … the creepy p*rn lawyer so beloved of the leftist media in the US as a saviour of the republic is going to prison for trying to extort Nike.

Here’s the incredible supercut of the mainstream media giving him a tongue bath in prime time:

They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Avenatti should be ashamed of himself.

As he was making fat stacks from the media, his client, Stormy Daniels, was working the pole.

Remember all that when they talk about misogyny.

Coal is king

Just don’t tell our politicians. They won’t believe you.

Justice Mordecai Bromberg declared Environment Minister Sussan Ley had a “duty to take reasonable care” to ensure children were not harmed or killed by carbon emissions in her decision to approve the coal mine expansion.

This is stupidity on a level you could only get from judge … and someone who sought Labor preselection.

Bromberg was also the judge in the Andrew Bolt 18C decision. So he has form.

This analysis from former Media Watch host Jonathan Holmes is worth a read.

As for the future of coal, check this out from Mining Weekly.

The key section:

Coal prices across Asia are surging to records, underscoring a challenge for governments seeking a faster energy transition: the dirtiest of fuels they’re racing to phase out is enjoying booming demand.

Why will they likely continue?

…the sky-high coal prices are nowhere near the level they would need to be to cause utilities to switch to liquefied natural gas, where prices have risen by 500% in the past year.

Coal is a cheap and reliable alternative to gas. For the moment at least.

COVID lunacy

What if lockdowns don’t save lives.

Increase in suicide attempts in the US.

The cost of lockdowns – US economics paper.