GetUp excel themselves

If you thought their election campaign was tin-eared, GetUp boss Paul Oosting shoots back with a loud and proud “HOLD MY BEER!”

For the love of God, climate policy from an airline owner

What the actual F!

English billionaire Sir Richard Branson has called on Australia to become a world leader in the renewable energy space, saying that “if you do the right thing, you’ll find in the years to come you’ll get the benefits”.

As NSW braces itself for one of the worst days of bushfires ever recorded, the Virgin Group founder spoke about its connection to climate change on Tuesday morning in Sydney.

Hop on a plan and get the F outta here.

Still looks better than Qantas hosties. Natch.

Anti-semitism is alive and well

And it cloaks itself in social justice. It’s still sickening. Especially in 2019. And when excuses are made for it:


How dare you!

You’d have thought “how dare you!” would now be off the table.

Sadly not:

Steele-John is an angry, ignorant fool. He’s the perfect Green.