Keneally’s asylum seekers myths continue to collapse

If she wasn’t trying to make gains on others’ misery, you might almost feel sorry for Keneally.

On Monday the medivac myth was shot down by the boss of Border Force, Major-General Craig Furini:

Fewer than one in 10 refugees and asylum-seekers transferred to Australia under Labor-backed medivac laws has required hospital treatment, and none is currently receiving in-patient care.

Operation Sovereign Borders head Craig Furini told Senate ­estimates on Monday that just 13 medical-transfer detainees, out of 135 brought to Australia so far, had been hospitalised.

“As of this morning, there are zero of those transferred in hospital,” Major General Furini said.

Yesterday the myth about asylum seekers coming by plane as victims of human trafficking was shot down by Mike Pezzullo, the Secretary of Home Affairs:

A new Home Affairs Department report reveals that of the more than 8.8 million temporary visas granted in 2018-19, 0.00078 per cent, or 69 cases, were identified by the Australian Federal Police as potential victims of human trafficking, with only a handful claiming protection.

It’s almost as though she’s making things up. Isn’t it.

Yet, she persists:

Diversity isn’t fatigue, it’s a fad

What a shock – even the tech companies are starting to get jack of the lip service of diversity. Maybe because it’s a fraud. Here the best. If they’e black, they’re black. if they’re Asian … if it’s IT they’ll be Asian. Who are we kidding?

This from The Australian:

Despite good intentions, “diversity fatigue” is a growing problem in Australia’s technology sector and needs to be addressed, according to serial entrepreneur and founder of The Dream Collective Sarah Liu.

Ms Liu’s consultancy outfit works with organisations to help them attract, retain and advance diverse and inclusive teams, with a particular focus on emerging ­female talent. Her clients include Google, Prospa, PayPal Asia and household names such as Swarovski, Lego and Adidas.

“We are seeing diversity ­fatigue everywhere,” she said. “We need to reignite the space so ­that people aren’t checking out from talking about diversity and inclusion.”

As we often advise, take out a subscription. Worth every cent.

Comonsense prevails. Eventually

Earlier this week we brought you the story of Marlon Anderson, the security guard at West High School in Madison, Wisconsin, who was fired for using the N-word when he told a verbally abusive student not to call him one.

Because zero tolerance policies are totally foolproof and not at all counterproductive.

The good news is, he’s back.

Happy birthday ‘Weird’ Al (b 1959)