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Watch this very carefully

David Karoly confirms what Alan Jones said about CO2. He’s just too arrogant to admit that jones is right.


This is going to cost Labor and Albo

The fight with John Setka was always going to be ugly – now it’s living up to its promise.

From Sam Maiden in The New Daily:

John Setka has warned he will hit Anthony Albanese with a legal challenge if he tries to expel him from the party and is threatening to withdraw millions of dollars in funding.

The Construction Forestry Maritime Mining and Energy union leader believes his threat at a recent meeting to withdraw funding from the ALP is the real reason the Labor Party is trying to boot him from the party and the union.

It’s the same meeting he is accused of disparaging anti-violence campaigner Rosie Batty – a claim he denies.

“What I said was no more money to the ALP. We are freezing everything. Not one more cent,” he told The New Daily.

“The $12 million the ACTU spent, they might as well have gone down the racetrack and gone to the Crown casino and got a better return. It’s pretty bad.

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Jim Molan’s record votes not enough

A terrible result for the Liberal Party.

Every so often Andrew Leigh get something right

See if you can spot the unintentional correctness in his prissy presentation.

It’s not easy. But try it with your friends.

This makes Folau’s case

That he was a victim of his faith.