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Suddenly there’s movement on Adani

Whayever could that be the case?

The Queensland premier is very good at hiding her fear:

Is there anything better than foreigners tell us what to do?

How about shutting the hell up? Yep, that’s much better:

Former US presidential candidate turned activist Al Gore has weighed in on Australia’s federal election campaign, saying the Coalition would take the country “in the wrong direction” on climate change.

Speaking to ABC radio this morning after approaching the national broadcaster, the 71-year-old said Australia had a chance to boost hope about the political will to tackle climate change before the world gathers to review the Paris Agreement on climate action.

The Australian election “is an opportunity for Australians to play an incredibly important role in saying to the entire world: we can solve this,” he said.

“What you do in Australia this Saturday has incredibly important global implications.”

Climate change has become a top issue this election campaign. Across all political parties more than 80 per cent of Australians want the Government to take more action on climate change, according to the ABC’s Vote Compass. That’s up 20 percentage points from 2013.

Surely that result tells you that Vote Compass is garbage.

This article could be the dumbest ever published …

And that includes counting everything Jane Caro has ever written. This is pure … let’s just say garbage:

To reach carbon emissions targets, UK workers would need to reduce their working hours to nine hours per week.

A new report produced by the progressive think tank Autonomy has looked at the UK’s working hours as a measurement of carbon emissions and calculated how much the average working week would need to be reduced to reach carbon targets.

It gets worse if you actually read it.

The greatest burn even seen on the internet

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