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Getup silences its critics

GetUp loves scrutiny … except when it’s on GetUp:

A News Corp Australia investigation reveals queries have been raised over why the activist organisation did not pay tax on its 2018 profits, as well as its deferral of income and treatment of donations as “non-assessable”.

In the midst of its campaign to oust the Coalition, GetUp today dismissed the concerns and went on the attack, forcing a retraction from the Deakin University academics who freely gave an opinion on the accounts for News Corp Australia.

UK goes coal free for a week!

It got some people excited:

But they didn’t give you the details:

Not such a great story, is it?

And don’t think batteries will save you, either:

The reality is that these battery projects are trivial in size compared to what would actually be needed to make wind or solar reliable. The cost of battery based reliability would actually be stupendous, far more than we could ever afford.

The maths around batteries are horrific.

How weak have Australians become? This is a real thing:

An Australian-first centre finding solutions to the impact of climate change on Australians’ physical and mental health would be created under a Labor government.

The Opposition would spend $15 million establishing the National Health and Climate Centre at the University of NSW’s Kensington campus if elected to power on May 18.

It would give birth to 30 new research positions, focusing on issues including temperature-related death and illness, climate’s influence on water-related illness in rural areas, and how climate impacts on health services — particularly in vulnerable areas with large indigenous and low-socio economic populations.

Albo and Arthur tell it like it is

Usually we only get honest analysis the week after the election.

This is courageous, fascinating and insightful.

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese has accused Greens voters of not even knowing the location of the controversial Adani coal mine, as he slammed an “increasingly extreme” groupthink he said was damaging Australian politics.

Mr Albanese made the remarks during a revealing discussion with Liberal senator Arthur Sinodinos on Wednesday night in which both insiders made candid observations about the election and their party’s strategies.

Please read it.