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Crowder explains how Vox bullies conservatives

This is the assault that Carlos Maza, the man behind efforts to ban Crowder, wants:

Meet the man behind Sleeping Giants

The group that seeks to silence conservatives in Australia:

Edith Cowan University appears to accept the prolific tweeting of a business school lecturer who urges brand-name companies to boycott advertising on Sky News because he believes they are supporting “racism, bigotry, misogyny and abuse of women”.

The West Australian university confirmed it was aware of prolific tweeting by Andrew Priest, a lecturer in accounting at its business and law school who supports a boycott campaign by social media group Sleeping Giants Oz.

The anonymous social media group is an offshoot of the US-based Sleeping Giants, which has had success in urging supporters to flood the internet with demands that companies remove advertising from conservative media outlet Breitbart.

Andrew Bolt’s take.