After years of revelations about property developer Huang Xiangmo, Sam Dastyari comes to realise that maybe, just maybe, perhaps, Huang may have been an “agent of influence” for the Chinese government.

Welcome to the party, Sam. But you’re a bit late. We’re packing up.

He should have listened to The Big Listen with Clive Hamilton. He might have learned something.

“In hindsight, I now have serious questions about whether or not he was, either directly or indirectly, an agent of influence for the Chinese Government,” Dastyari said.

Yes, Sam. He was. And is. And you were his useful idiot.

“He was a very big donor, probably outside the trade union movement, the biggest donor.”

Wait, what? That’s a big admission.

This means there are likely many more donations than the $100,000 we know about so far. So we haven’t heard the last of this.

According to Kate McClymont in the SMH, former NSW ALP general secretary Kaila Murnain “agreed that she should have told the NSW Electoral Commission everything about the suspect donation when they were investigating in late 2016”.

Indeed. Because there are consequences for not being open and honest with an investigation by the NSW Electoral Commission.

If she obstructed an investigation by the NSW electoral commission she may see the inside of a cell.

The ICAC hearings have five more weeks to run. Bring. It. On.

Is there anything men can’t do?

First, Caitlyn Jenner was named woman of the year, and now a transgender model is the new face of Chanel:

Teddy Quinlivan is no stranger to fronting beauty campaigns, but her latest gig is not only a big career milestone, it’s history-making. Quinlivan announced that she’s the face of a new Chanel Beauty campaign, and is the first openly transgender model to be hired by the fashion house. The model shared the news on Instagram with a video and photo from the campaign, along with a heartfelt message about the importance of Chanel hiring her.

“First openly transgender model”? Was there one that wasn’t open about it?

ScoMo’s commonsense is an asset

Exhibit A

ScoMo thinks this is Canberra bubble stuff.

He’s right.

Exhibit B

ScoMo thinks this sex offender should be deported when he’s served his jail sentence:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has vowed to revoke the visa of an Iraqi man who arrived by boat under Labor then indecently assaulted a three-year-old girl at a Western Sydney shopping mall.

“He has not only committed an appalling crime against an innocent child but against the country that gave him refuge and a new life,” the Prime Minister told The Daily Telegraph last night.

It is understood Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton will today formally begin the process of cancelling the permanent protection visa of security guard Mohammed Hassan Al Bayati, who was sentenced to 4½ years prison on Tuesday.

He’s right. Again.