For seven years, Dark Emu has reset the narrative about the history of Indigenous Australia pre-1788.

For many -especially on the left – it was a revelation. The closest many will come to a religious experience.

He wasn’t the only one:

Oh, there were more:

You can understand why they were so hooked. It told them everything they wanted to hear.

So they probably weren’t too thrilled when this was published: Anthropologist and archaeologist say Dark Emu was littered with weak evidence and unsourced claims.

Two leading Australian academics have savaged the best-selling Indigenous history book Dark Emu for being riddled with mistakes, accusing its author Bruce Pascoe of lacking “true scholarship” and ignoring Aboriginal voices.

In a new book, Farmers or Hunter-Gatherers? The Dark Emu Debate, anthropologist Peter Sutton and archaeologist Keryn Walshe claim Professor Bruce Pascoe’s work is “littered with unsourced material”, uses selective quotations and exaggerates “weak evidence”, including the suggestion Aboriginal people have occupied Australia for 120,000 years.

Read it all.

And then have a gander at Dark Emu Exposed.

For years, this site has toiled away to expose the errors. The media’s response? To call them racist. It’s foolish to expect anything more from the media class.

This page, in particular, should make you weep for the state of the media and academia.


Why would you honour these men?

The judiciary holds a special place in our society. They have enormous power but no force – their most powerful asset is respect.

So why do they do so much to tarnish it?

Meet Richard Refshauge.

Meet Rodney Higgins.

They dishonour the bench.

The media knew this was a lie, so why did they tell it?

According to almost all the media, Acting PM says mouse plague should be ‘rehomed into inner city apartments’. Headline after headline said it.

Odd. They must have known that it was a lie. How do we know? because almost every article had the clip in it so they could see what he actually said.

But it fit the narrative. The narrative is that McCormack is a buffoon. The other narrative is that media are flat-out liars.

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